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Sometimes, there is a need to bridge the gap between paychecks, especially given that life throws into our faces unforeseen expenses from time to time. For such cases, applying for an urgent money loan is a perfect solution (especially if one has a Brookwood Loans promo code to lower the lending interest).

About the company and Brookwood Loans rates

Brookwood Loans (BL) is a private company that provides loans to citizens of South Carolina, Wisconsin, Mexico, and Texas. The company’s focus is on the provision of short-term and mid-term unsecured cash loans to people in the US on a contractual basis, with rates for lending applied. 

Working with BL is safe and full of security, as it is the certified financial lender operating legally. 

The rates differ from state to state where BL operates and are regulated by federal and state laws. 

How to get money? 3 steps only!

To receive the money, only three steps are required:

  1. Register on the official website of the company and to proceed with the application on

  2. Fully complete the application.

  3. Send the request for consideration by signing it with e-signature.

After receiving approval, the money is sent to the banking account indicated in the application. Before it is sent, it will be necessary to sign a loan agreement, which can also be done online (without the need to physically visit our office).

BL is great for emergency situations

Life is filled with moments of unexpectancy. Some of them are pleasing, but some are not, requiring financial expenses to be overcome. Brookwood Loans login to request for a loan can be thine saving scheme in such situations.

Repair of a car

When there is a need to make repairs to a car and use it as fast as possible, not waiting for insurance money (in the case of a road accident) or not having money for spare parts that broke, addressing to the BL company is a wise solution.

Unforeseen expenses

One can’t predict when money will be needed ASAP. When the pocket is empty, urgent money lent by BL is a clever step to bridge gaps.

Urgent vacation

Vacation can be super pleasant but coming unpredictably so one really doesn’t have time to prepare mentally and financially. A short-term loan to cover vacation expenses is given right when one needs it. 

Where to go with Brookwood Loans complaints?

We highly care about our customers and want to assist them in all ways possible. But if a client still has a complaint, then here is where one shall send it:

3440 Preston Ridge Road, office 500, Alpharetta, GA 30005 

Phone number is 1 (800) 324-40-61

Email is [email protected] 

Brookwood Loans address & contacting information

Office in Georgia state: 3440 Preston Ridge Road, office 100, Alpharetta, GA, 30005.

Office in Virginia state: 2901 South Lynnhaven Road, office 360, Virginia Beach, VA, 23452.

One can always file a contact request from this webpage: (fulfilling all details of thine request).

Brookwood Loans reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How lending by Brookwood Loans works?

All lending requests are processed through an official website; no fax is required. The loan has to be approved by the credit committee, after which a client signs a lending contract. In a matter of 1 banking day, money is sent to the banking account (a client shall have a valid one to file a request for a loan). Copies of official documents are also required (read about them on the official website). 

  1. What lending amounts are offered?

Sums from $1,100 to $3,000 are offered (they may vary across states where the company operates). The payment term is up to 36 months. The final amount to be lent, term, and effective interest rate are subject to change depending on the financial data of borrowers, including their income, loan number and values, assets value, and credit history. There are no additional fees for considering applications or for early repayment. 

  1. What is the Brookwood Loans phone number and Brookwood Loans address?

The phone number is (505) 476-4885. There are two addresses of offices, which are possible to find int eh section of this text ‘Brookwood Loans address & contacting information’.

  1. How fast will I get my money according to Brookwood Loans customer reviews?

For applications that are considered before 1 PM, the money is sent to the banking account on the same working day. In all other cases, it is sent the next working day.

  1. Is Brookwood Loans legit?

Yes, as BL obtains the legal license in all states it operates in (except those where such licenses aren’t required by law. These are currently Alabama and Georgia).

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